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Sworn to Quell by Terah Edun



YA Fantasy




Ciardis Weathervane witnessed the collapse of her empire’s system of governance. Because everything pivoted on the rule of one man. Now she must forge a new path. Through the madness. Through the chaos.

Still with the imperial palace in ruins, and the coalition between the nobles and the rebellion falling apart, there is no more time. No time to rule. No time to justify.

The god was here for retribution, and her triad would be forced to rise to the occasion or fall under its own bluster.

With an emperor dead, a prince heir uncrowned, and a people lost in the wilderness of death and destruction every which way they turn, Ciardis faces her most challenging assignment yet. Picking up the pieces. Mending the coalition. Winning the hearts and minds of Sebastian’s people. The people she could now call her own.

The heavens have come to earth. It remains to be seen if the earth will fall before its might.


Terah Edun has created one of my favorite fantasy worlds and several of my favorite characters. I enjoy watching Thanar, Ciardis, and Sebastian’s attempt to balance their personal differences and need to work together for the good of the Algardis Empire. Edun packs a ton of action into every single one of her stories and I devour it every time. The action combined with the romance makes for a fast-paced fantasy that you can’t put down.

P.S. I’m still #TeamSebastian!

I voluntarily received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.




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“They had had their personal pissing matches, but she knew she could count on the members of the triumvirate having each other’s backs.”


“She had to admire his strength for a moment. He’s managed to turn a palace alight with fire and in turmoil into a well-oiled political machine in days. It said something for his character.”



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