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Quotes and Life Changing Books


Hello everyone! *Waves like crazy*

I know I haven’t been as active this month, but things have been pretty busy on my end. Mother’s Day is coming up, summer is about to start, and school is ending for my younger siblings, along with all the normal craziness in life.

I just wanted to give everyone an update that I have added two new pages to my blog.!*jumps up and down with joy*

I have added one page that has the link to a document full of quotes, which I am constantly updating. These quotes come from everywhere, but mainly song lyrics and book quotes. I had someone request that I share the quotes I used when making a star jar recently, so I just decided to make the quotes in an easy-to-find document available to everyone!  (If you’re not sure what a star jar is, see the link on my blog page. If you still need clarification, feel free to ask me!) I may change how I share these quotes in the future, but for now this was the easiest way for me.

There is also a new page for books that I labeled as “Life Changing”. These are books that really made me think on an important topic and I feel everyone could benefit from reading. If you have read any of these, I would love to hear your thoughts. If you know of a book you think I would enjoy feel should be on this list, please share it with me!

~Bewitched Reader



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