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The Winning Bid by Michelle Windsor



Erotic Romance


Hannah is desperate. Her one shot at a new life and financial independence is slipping away unless she can come up with thirty thousand dollars, fast. When a chance comes to earn some serious cash in the world’s oldest profession—in a single weekend, in safety and anonymity, and at an ultra-luxurious, exclusive resort—Hannah agrees to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The catch? All the bidders are Doms, and Hannah will have to do whatever her master asks, when he asks for it, however he asks for it.

Drew is wiped. After two weeks from hell running a billion-dollar hotel empire, he needs to unwind with a weekend of anonymous, uncomplicated sex with a compliant submissive. And what better way than with one of the lovely subs at auction, who will cater to his every whim and ask for nothing in return once the weekend ends. But when Drew sees Hannah onstage for the first time, he is forced to question everything he thought he knew about himself and his heart.

As their weekend together comes to a steamy conclusion, Drew isn’t ready to watch this submissive walk away. But Hannah has a secret, one that even Drew’s billions can’t cow into submission.p


The Winning Bid is a short and very very steamy read. I enjoyed getting to know Drew and Scarlett/Hannah, even though Hannah is still a big mystery. I can’t wait to get my hands on The Final Bid and find out exactly what Hannah’s story is. Why is she so adamant on keeping Drew at arms length?

I LOVED that Michelle Windsor shone a spotlight on PTSD and our veterans in her book. This is a cause I care deeply about and I think deserves more attention.

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“She is a bit like a scared kitten though, with many hard limits, and will require a master with patience to show her the pleasure in breaking some of those limits.”

“You paid for this part of me. You paid for Scarlett. I’m sorry, but this is all I can give you.”


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