Book Reviews

Surrendering by Michelle Horst



New Adult Romance


Liam Wright is the playboy at college. He’s part of the screw-crew.

It’s better to stay away from him, but you can’t tell your heart what to want.

He’ll judge me.

He won’t understand.

It’s easy to judge someone because of their past. I’m scared Liam will be just like all the other people.
But he doesn’t judge me. He comes into my life and refuses to leave. He doesn’t give up on me.
He helps me accept the guilt that lives inside of me, because it also lives inside of him.

We’re both damaged by the past.

We’re both looking for someone who will understand.

We’re both looking for someone we can surrender to.

But it’s hard surrendering all your broken pieces.

“Some feathers will fall along the way, but new ones will always grow back. It doesn’t make the old feathers less important because they kept you flying for so long – they kept you alive.”



Surrendering is a scorching romance with a touch of mystery and suspense that I enjoyed. I do wish this book was longer, because I feel like I had only just gotten to know these characters at the end of the book. I think the rest of the screw-crew would make for great future books, especially with Mickey’s humor.

I did love the message Michelle Horst sent with Surrendering. Here is a quote from the author’s note (yes I do tend to read the author’s notes):

“This story is learning to live when it feels like you’ve failed. This story is about forgiving yourself for matters outside of your control…”

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“If she’s the one, you never give up. You keep trying until you get it right.”

“I want this girl to take over my planet. I just don’t know how to convince her to do that.”

” ‘What’s your definition of bravery?’ ‘Someone who keeps going against all odds.’ “

“She’s more than the feathers that keep me flying- she’s the wind beneath my wings.”


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