My First Blog Post

So yeah, I decided to start a blog and this is my first post. Please don’t be too hard on me just yet!

For the past four years I have been working full time while going to school, and have had very little time to read anything besides a textbook. Now that I have finished school and have some free time to read, I have decided to make the most of it by writing about books as I read them.

I would love to hear your opinions on the books I read if you have read them as well. I am also open to recommendations of books ya’ll think are great reads!


2 thoughts on “My First Blog Post

  1. Welcome! I look forward to checking out your blog posts! Don’t worry about having perfect posts (or people being critical)…write what makes you happy- that’s what matters the most!


  2. I look forward reading your post and am glad you have more time to enjoy my favorite past time reading.njust finished a good one today. A knew author my daughter Kellie just discovered Teresa Slack. I have read two series of hers, in all seven books all were good read


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